Familiarity bias, or selection bias, means that our decisions are often made in virtue of familiar associations. For example, you might be worried about whether you are using paper or plastic bags. That is a valid concern, but it is a first-world concern: many people on this planet are worried about finding food or being slaughtered by military forces. So your concern about bagging groceries is out of balance with respect to a global perspective.

On the other hand, exposure to a randomly sampled population does not incur this bias. So, in order to help you make decisions that are best for the world, Thing-du-Jour presents randomly sampled things each day.

The easiest thing to pick randomly is numbers from a uniform distribution, so the first version of this site presents photographs each day from a random location. That means you will see a lot of ocean pictures (it also means we should take care of our oceans). You will not see a lot of sensationalistic news coverage or pictures of your neighbor: we assume you have enough of those images already.

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~Thing du Jour